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Q: What are “72 lines”? And why should I care?

A: “72 lines” refer to the amount of data per line on a picture. A typical photo from your camera is over 1,000 lines. A large picture would slow down the web, so a special web program takes out all the data related to printing this picture and makes it 72 lines to comply with web site requirements. Our monitors (such as TV sets) are set to make 72 lines look the same as a 1,000, so we can not tell the difference until we print it.  We need 300 lines to produce commercial printing. All home versions of image programs are set to 72 lines as a default.  Submission of projects with 72 lines has to be completely redone. A professional graphic artist’s first lesson is NOT to do this.

[Hello] [How To] [Tray] [Face] [Fold] [Rules] [Terms] [72 Lines] [Bleed] [Film] [Poster] [T- Shirts] [Words Per] [Temp] [Fonts]

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