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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

The  following document outlines both packaging and printing specifications that are required to allow for the efficient trouble free  packaging of a Compact Disc. The purpose of these standards  is to allow the packaging process to be as automated as possible,  without the need for human interaction with the product. If  the outlines standards are not adhered to, the result is a  decelerated packaging process, which may result in a more  money and time.

All  of our prices assume that you will provide us with final digital  files to make film from and a proof of your artwork you should also provide us with a folded dummy. The price of the film  and an hour of graphic assistance are included. Also included is our bar-code at no extra charge. Please leave a 1.5-inch  across, by .75 inch down blank space on the back tray.

Issues with printing on paper:
(Programs acceptable: Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark)

1. All color and grayscale image files at 300 (pix per inch) no web based pictures or low resolution digital camera images.

2. Use Quark XPress 4.0 and collected the files or export out of  all other programs (or save as) Save your images as EPS or TIFF files. No JPG, .GIF, or .BMP formats as they degrade  their quality. These files usually come from PhotoShop; Adobe Illustrator. With Photoshop, smaller text tends to be "pixelated"  when included in images. We recommend you only use Photoshop(r) for image processing and not for general graphic layout. Convert "FONTS" to "outlines" or, with Quark XPress 4.0 include all fonts (avoid Corel Draw, and no Microsoft Publisher).

3. If  you have an image, which goes all the way to an edge which  will be cut, remember to add "bleed", i.e. extend  that image another 1/8" beyond the edge to allow a margin of error. The 1/8" bleed area will be cropped off and  will not appear on your final product! You should keep all  important elements (type, images,logos, barcode, etc.) at least 1/8" away from all edges, and when possible, from  all folds too. Don't use borders as they may be cut off.

4. Please  do not embed your images. When importing a graphic file, make sure that you link or place it, instead of making it part  of your document (embedding).

5. No  PMS or Special Inks for PRINTING on paper. No printing on plastic jewel cases / CD trays or colour Jewel Cases / CD  trays without getting a bank loan. Minimum for colour cardboard  sleeve and/or Digi-pac is 3,000. Yes, you can get 1,000 but at a price that you will not like. At 3,000 the cost is now  below jewel case/insert costs.

height: 117.5mm +/-0.5 : 4-5/8"  +/-1/64
width: 150.0mm +/-0.5 : 5-29/32" +/-1/64
artist & title: 6.0 mm +/-0.5 : 1/4" +0/ -1/64

A Selection Number must be shown either on the spine, the  back , or both. Alternatively, the 10 digits within the barcode can be used as a selection number

If you supplying your own inserts

-Weight 200M (100lb.)/Thickness 0.13-0.14mm (5.0-5.5mil).

-Should be wood-free art paper (pure cellulose preferred) and must be coated both sides.Observe paper grain direction.

-Must be 0.8-1.6mm long (1/3"-1/16") with 0.8mmgap (1/32") and perforated from printed side. Score lines  only are not acceptable.

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