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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

Issues with printing on CD Face
(Programs acceptable: 
Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark)

1. This  is screen printing (much like printing on a t-shirt EXCEPT this t-shirt is a mirror). Therefore images with a lot of dots will not look good. Stay with text and basic logos as you are printing  on a mirror. Screens denser than 80% may go solid; screens at  or below 20% may go blank or may break up. Colour printed on  a mirror will not match ink on paper.

2. You can use 2 Pantone(r) (PMS) colors, at no extra charge, directly on the disc. We can print more than two PMS colors and can even print on discs in 4-color process, but there are additional charges. Standard Type size is minimum 5 pts. Reversed Knockout  Type is minimum 6 pts.

Dimensions represents the diameter value.

120 mm
Outer diameter of CD

116 mm
Outer Limit of Printing
Area. Also outer edge
of the reflective.

46 mm
Inner Limit for
Standard Printing.

Idenification Band.
Product I.D Code is
enraved in this area.

Inner Limit of
Extended Printing.

Grooved ring on disc.

Diameter of hole


(or any portion of it) can used whenever a solid colour is printed as a background, or if the contrast difference is not a factor. If the background colour choice is of a translucent nature, the division between reflective and non-relective can be noticeable.  In these cases, it is best to use the Standard Printing area  instead, or print down to the 39mm mark only.


is used whenever the CD's own reflecive coating is to be used as  the background color, The center portion of the disc up to 39mm  is not relective, and will give poor contrast. In addition, although the Indentification Band area between 39 to 46 mm is relective, it contains etched characters which create a non-uniform background for the printed artwork.

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