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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

CD Label and Film Specifications 

We are running the film so don't worry about the below unless you are supplying your own film


A  trapping spread of 2 pts is required on multi-colour projects.  Without trapping, slight registration variations during printing.  Adding a 2pt outline of the same colour around the object  will resolves this.

Film Specs

Films  are to be prepared Emulsion Side Down, Right Reading, Film Negative
(positives can be processed at an additional cost). Colour choice must be specified for each film.Center cross hair and registration marks are needed on  each film.

Optionally,  simple label graphics (no CMYK or halftones) can be supplied either on computer diskette (Mac IBM Quark + fonts), or high quality b&w artwork (100 to 200% size). These services entail an additional cost. For different formats  (including DOS), or other information, contact

Halftone Image
Process For The CD Surface

85 lines per inch separation
15 - 85% tonal range
Elliptical dot shape
Film angel 30 degrees
A solid colour background is recommended.

Four Colour Process - CMYK
(Picture Discs)

85 - 100 dots per inch. (85 preferred)
15 - 85% tonal range.
Elliptical dot shape.
Total dot density between 260 - 280.
Smallest dot size 102 microns.

Colour separated film angels as follows:

yellow - 0 degrees cyan - 15 degrees
magenta - 45 degrees black - 75 degrees
GCR (gray composition removal) technique.

A set of colour keys is required for proper colour matching. A solid white fifth colour background is recommended.

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