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Q: Why does my text change when I print it?

 A: All fonts that you did not pay for come only in the 72-line screen version. When you get them legally you get the 300 lines, which is what we need. Fonts for free off the web are there to get you to design with but when it comes time to print you can’t. Then they have you pay for the fonts. There are DOS fonts, MAC Fonts, True Type POS Level 1, and Level 2. Level 3 etc. As a professional graphic artist this is your job unless you are paying us to solve this problem. Don’t forget to send the fonts or “convert them to curves”.

[Hello] [How To] [Tray] [Face] [Fold] [Rules] [Terms] [72 Lines] [Bleed] [Film] [Poster] [T- Shirts] [Words Per] [Temp] [Fonts]

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