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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

Terms You May Need To Know
4/1 means a piece of paper that's printed in full colour
on one side and black ink on the other.(Just black not any other colour)
Panel means one side of a page.
Bleed means the background colour extends beyond the cut marks
72 lines mean dots per inch. We need 300 dots per inch for commercial print quality. Since all images on the web are 72 dots per inch, we cannot use them for these prints.

If you are sending a file of completed art, we accept the following formats:
Photoshop (7 or CE) in PSD, TIFF, EPS, all CMYK ($5.00 charge to convert from RGB). Any exported EPS of TIFF that had the fonts converted to curves or rasterized will run without a need for fonts or images. Typical programs that are rasterized are Illustrator (Mac-PC), Corel Draw (PC), and Indesign (Mac). If you use Quark 3.3-4.0 or PageMaker (Mac-PC), use the collection feature. For the advanced you may use fonts, but don’t forget them.

We do NOT accept the following formats: Gif, Xcell, Powerpoint, Nero, Publisher, Avery, and Frammaker. Please do not send floppy discs or large E-Mails. Imbedded pictures in Word files are acceptable on FTP if zipped or stuffed, or on CD-ROM.

The Role Of The Graphic Artist
You are the art director; we are the computer nerds that are going to fulfill your vision. However, your vision may cost more money that you may want to spend, so here's a guideline for both of us.

As Graphic Artists we scan pictures, place text and convert the digital files to the plant's requirements. We send an e-mail proof to you, and will make minor corrections.Graphic Artist do not (unless you paying the big bucks) create logos, draw pictures, illustrate, and take pictures. Please submit quality photos of yourself, a logo penned by a band mate, or your concept (an idea that has been turned into something I can scan). As you would know computers don't do great art from scratch!

Tips On Saving Money  Don't send large files by e-mail.. Don’t fax. Do use E-Mail with text based files such as Word for corrections. . Do keep a back up at home. Sending Art Over The Web Use this web site www.sendthisfile.com It’s free - no audio

[Hello] [How To] [Tray] [Face] [Fold] [Rules] [Terms] [72 Lines] [Bleed] [Film] [Poster] [T- Shirts] [Words Per] [Temp] [Fonts]

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Sending Art
Over The Web
Use this web site
It’s free - no audio