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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

Q: What are your requirements for T-Shirts?

 A: This is silkscreen printing not like print on paper with a press. Imagine your screen door (as in keeping the fly’s out) being used with the squares filled in to develop a design. That is what silkscreen printing is like, but at 72 lines. As such your picture silk-screened will not have as many levels of colours. Text and cartoon like art is usually the best for this process. A logo that has simple straight lines will look nice. Pictures with small detail may not look good. We recommend a test run before you do the whole lot. This test run will show you where your design will blur or stand out crisply.

[Hello] [How To] [Tray] [Face] [Fold] [Rules] [Terms] [72 Lines] [Bleed] [Film] [Poster] [T- Shirts] [Words Per] [Temp] [Fonts]

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