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OSS Productions Music Research Lab - Tel: 416-658-0049

Level One: Proof Terms This service is included in the other levels of service
You may e-mail paul@onlinegraphicartists.com.. We are assuming you're a professional graphic artist. With this service we provide the following::

1) A PDF proof of your art is emailed to you. Additional hard copy proofs available at a cost of $100 each. Colour Keys are $250..     
2) You may return this e-mail with minor corrections (such as spelling, forgotten fonts etc) at no charge. One email is no charge (put all your changes in one e-mail). Additional corrections by e-mail are $5.00 per email. Corrections sent via fax add $15.00 per faxed page, and those done by phone are $30.00 per call.
3) We recommend that you do major corrections yourself. We will give you instructions on your corrections at no charge. If you want us to do additional corrections, please call for cost.

Level Two
All the features of Level One Proofing
With this service we convert files and adapt them to Sony's size and electronic requirements. Missing fonts, pictures, bar codes, graphic errors, major changes in concept, such as the change of the front picture, logo, or changes of more than 25 words of text have a cost $30.00 per change.

Level Three
All the features of Level One: Proofing and Level Two: converting and conforming. We scan pictures supplied by you in the 4X6 print format. We do not accept web based (72 dot) pictures Use the EPS, TIF, JPG format in 300 dots to format and place the text on the above pictures. Acceptable input for text is Microsoft Word or text. If handwritten add $30 per page, and if no file, just a print-out, add $15.00 per page. Placement of pictures and text is included Acceptable time on project is 6 hours. There is an additional charge for extra hours.

Restriction of time used
Graphic artists have an acceptable standard for how much time is used to do tasks. If you use more time than normal, expect to pay more. .

Scan / formatting a colour picture - 20 min = $15.00

Editing and or cleaning up a picture - $75.00 per hr. (minimum $30.00)

Place and formatting text - 20 min = $15.00

Scanning and typing in new text - $35.00 per h (min $15.00)

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